President Trump Tweets Massive Damage Control After Alleged DACA Deal


Donald Trump woke up Thursday to a massive storm after the Associated Press reported he had struck a deal with his new friends “Chuck and Nancy” to protect DACA without a promise on wall funding.

In their exact words.

It came in hard.

Sean Hannity called it “political suicide,” “Amnesty Don,” blared on Breitbart, the MAGASphere exploded.

It’s unclear what prompted the storm. Trump has been hate-viewing Morning Joe recently and the show was all over it during their first hour, (or maybe he just looked at his timeline), but whatever it was left him spooked enough to take to Twitter and clarify this alleged deal that was struck.

It was a remarkable four-part tweet storm which simultaneously denied the existence of a deal, yet seemingly confirmed that some kind of deal was afoot.

He also said the wall was still a priority.

In two immediate follow ups, Trump offered a full-throated defense of the DREAMers and reiterated his past statements of sympathy for the 800,000 strong cohort of illegal immigrants.

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