(Update: Not Him, TMZ Deletes Post) Really, TMZ, Really? Did You Have To Show Us A Topless Newt Gingrich?

And this is probably where the whole shirtless politician thing should end. TMZ has shared with the world a photo of a bathing suit clad Newt Gingrich reclining in the sun on his vacation to the island of Mykonos (you know, the vacation that convinced his senior staffers to bail out on Gingrich’s campaign). As The Atlantic Wire describes the shot, “Newt Gingrich in a bathing suit looks pretty much exactly like you’d expect. Let’s just put it this way: He’s no Anthony Weiner or Chris Lee.” Indeed.

“Topless on a rock” might also be a metaphor for the hobbled Gingrich campaign. Or, as TMZ cleverly puts it, “on a rock, in a hard place.” And yep, we need to leave it there.

Update: Gingrich has denied being the man in the photo, according to ABC News. According to Gingrich’s spokesman, “The picture on TMZ is not him…remarkable resemblance though.” TMZ has since removed the post from the site.

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