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Trump Asking How Firing Sessions Would ‘Would Play in the Conservative Media’

Newt Gingrich Rips ‘Bad People’ Running Mueller ‘Witch Hunt’: ‘This Thing is Totally Screwed Up!’

Newt Gingrich Sounds Alarm as Health Care Implodes: ‘Real Danger of Speaker Pelosi’

If Fox News Held Itself to CNN’s Standards It Would Go out of Business

Hannity to Newt Gingrich: ‘We’ve Almost Been a Sole Voice’ of ‘Sanity in The Media’

‘I Don’t Think That Tweet Helped Him’: Newt Gingrich Weighs In On Trump’s Investigation Tweet

Newt Gingrich Blasts ‘Prostitute’ Joe Scarborough Over ‘Grotesque’ Mueller Conspiracy

Hannity Tweets About Monologue on ‘Deep State’s Allies’ in Media, Gets Trump Retweet

Newt Gingrich: ‘A President Cannot Obstruct Justice’ (He Voted That Bill Clinton Obstructed Justice)

Scarborough Rips Gingrich Over ‘Grotesque’ ‘Anti-Government Conspiracy’ About Mueller

If We’re Going To Blame Rhetoric, Which Side Really Incites The Violence?

Gingrich Chided on Outnumbered After Blaming Shooting on ‘Hostility on the Left’

Whoopi Goldberg Says Media Coverage of Trump Was 98% Positive

Jake Tapper Throws Newt Gingrich’s 1998 Words About ‘Paid Hacks’ Back at Him

Newt Gingrich Defends Mueller Flip Flop By Citing Kathy Griffin And Julius Caesar

Newt Gingrich Slams Mueller’s Special Counsel A Month After Calling Him A ‘Superb Choice’

Gingrich: Special Counsel Mueller Isn’t Neutral, He’s Bringing in ‘Dangerous People’

‘Zero Evidence’: CNN Calls Out Fox News For Continuing to Peddle Debunked Seth Rich Conspiracy

Trump Nominates Callista Gingrich to Be Ambassador to the Holy See

Gingrich: Trump Needs to Close White House Press Room Because the Media Is ‘Corrupt’

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