GOP State Rep. Created Texas-California Translation Chart: ‘Religious Zealot’ Translates To ‘Church-Goer’

Some Americans, particularly Californians, are seeking economic refuge in more opportune states — states like, say, Texas, which is continuing to provide jobs for those in search of work. But the recent surge of eager California workers to the state are finding themselves embroiled in a cultural clash with native Texans.

In an attempt to streamline the transition and increase cooperation, Missouri State Rep. Donna Lichtenegger (R) made a vocabulary conversion chart from “Californian” to “Texan” in the hopes of creating a beautiful union between the two:

“Assault & Battery” to Californians, is known as “Attitude Adjustment” in Texas
“Religious Zealot” roughly translated to “Church-goer”
“Fairness & Social Progress” = “Marxism” to the Lone Stars

The list is not without controversy, as you may have gathered. In any case, take a look at the entire thing below, which Lichtenegger posted on her Facebook page:

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