RNC Rips Hillary Clinton’s Commencement Address, Says It’s a ‘Stark Reminder’ Why She Lost

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Earlier today, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered the commencement address at Wellesley College, her alma mater. In her speech to the school’s graduates, last year’s Democratic presidential nominee lit into the current occupant of the White House, comparing him to Richard Nixon while alluding to him ending his presidency with impeachment. She also said that President Donald Trump could be the end of the republic.

Considering the political nature of the speech, and the fact that Clinton tore into her 2016 election opponent, it isn’t too surprising to see the Republican National Committee respond.

In a statement released today, the RNC slammed the ex-First Lady, telling her to engage in some self-reflection:

“Today’s speech was a stark reminder why Hillary Clinton lost in 2016,” said Chairwoman [Ronna] McDaniel. “Instead of lashing out with the same partisan talking points, Hillary Clinton would be wise to look inward, talk about why she lost, and expand the dwindling base of Democrat Party supporters – we won’t hold our breath though.”

This response to Clinton is similar to the criticism she faced earlier this month when she blamed her election loss on then-FBI Director James Comey and WikiLeaks. CNN’s Jake Tapper snarked about her taking “full responsibility” for her loss while MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough called her excuses “pathetic.”

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