Rolling Stone Files Motion to Dismiss Lawsuit Over UVA Rape Report

rolling stone logoRolling Stone has filed a motion in court to dismiss one of the lawsuits they’re facing over their infamously-retracted University of Virginia rape exposé.

The frat at the center of the report, Phi Kappa Psi, filed a defamation lawsuit, as did a dean at UVA, and on top of that, three UVA grads who were in Phi Kappa Psi filed a suit claiming their reputations were unfairly damaged by the false report.

George Elias IV, Stephen Hadford, and Ross Fowler claim that there were certain details about the graduation years of the unidentified men that gave some people the impression they were involved.

Well, in court yesterday, according to NBC News, Rolling Stone filed to dismiss that suit on the grounds that there was no specific detail in the report that suggested any of the three of them were involved in the gang rape the reporter wrote about.

The magazine’s attorneys said, “No reasonable reader would understand from the article and the proffered extrinsic evidence that plaintiffs are identified as the perpetrators.”

[image via Rolling Stone]

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