Rudy Giuliani Admits to the Possibility of ‘Four or Five’ More Terror Attacks This Year


Today, former mayor of New York City and current morning show regular Rudy Giuliani appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to chat with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski about keeping the country safe from terrorism.

“How are we doing? Are we safe?” led Scarborough.

“Obviously, we’re not safe,” replied Giuliani, who, on Monday, went to a memorial for the victims of the San Bernadino shooting, telling city leaders there, “I hate to tell you this, but you’re going to be needed to help comfort other people in the future.”

Scarborough then asked if the United States is on course to become more like Israel, where attacks have been common for years, but Giuliani said no, we aren’t close to having one to two attacks per week. Still, he said, “If you say to me, ‘we’re gonna have four, five more attacks in the next year,’ I wouldn’t be surprised. These attacks are relatively easy to do.” He pointed out that September 11 was planned for two years while smaller-scale attacks can be implemented must faster, making them extremely dangerous in their own way.

Though the general theme of the segment was initially terrorism, Giuliani quietly shifted gears and began referring specifically to radical Islamic threats. His advice was for elected officials, who he believes need to create strong relationships with their local Muslim communities, visit mosques, and listen to Islamic leaders’ concerns, too.

“They need to be encouraged more to step forward at a time like this,” he said. He stated that Muslim leaders and community members should be speaking out and denouncing Islamic terrorism, though it should be noted that this happens frequently but seems to have been largely ignored by Giuliani, who believes city officials need to “explain the criminal justice system” to Muslim Americans.

The analogy train kept rolling as Giuliani compared suspicion of Muslims to what he sees as a reasonable fear of subway tracks. He continued, “We’ve got to put in our heads that we should be looking for this and we shouldn’t be embarrassed if we have a natural reaction [to] someone who is dressed in what looks like Muslim garb doing something strange like watching the train go by two or three times.”

Lest he be accused of Islamophobia, Giuliani finished up his segment by agreeing that we, as a country, should be embarrassed of Donald Trump’s proposed ban on all Muslims. As he said, it isn’t a good economic decision.

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