‘Russia/Trump Story is Fake News’: Hannity Rails Against ‘Alt Left Propaganda’ and ‘Never Trump Idiots’



Over the weekend, Fox News host Sean Hannity got into a Twitter fight with LGBT advocate and actor Chaz Bono over the WikiLeaks CIA release and Hannity’s comments following the document dump. While Hannity eventually wrapped up his battled with Bono, he decided to end the weekend with a flourish by lashing out at the media in general.

Around midnight last night, the conservative firebrand and fervent Donald Trump defender unleashed a series of tweets (complete with random capitalization) in which he railed against both “alt left” media and “never Trump idiots,” taking specific issue with National Review.

Regarding the National Review, which famously released an anti-Trump manifesto in January 2016, it appears an article written by Kevin Williamson criticizing Hannity’s recent use of the term ‘Deep State’ is what set him off, as Hannity tweeted out a link to it.

This morning, Hannity continued the his Twitter assault, once again using the term ‘Fake News’ while claiming the media colluded with Hillary Clinton.

It should also be noted that CNN’s Brian Stelter devoted a segment on his media criticism show Reliable Sources to Hannity, stating that the Fox host’s disdain for journalism “hurts his viewers.”

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