‘It Endangered My Family’s Life’: Whoopi on Aftermath of Being Targeted by Fake News Story, Promises to Sue


Fake news — those articles that are written by someone who knows they are false and uploads them to a legitimate-looking site with the goal of duping consumers — is a serious problem in the social media-driven information economy. Whoopi Goldberg knows that firsthand.

Today on The View, she detailed what happened after she was the subject of a fake news piece that claimed she said Carryn Owens, the wife of a fallen Navy SEAL, appeared at Donald Trump‘s joint address for “attention.” Here is the Mediaite piece about the View segment in which the panelists discuss Owens and the address. Note that Goldberg does not once say the emotional widow was looking for attention.

“It endangered my family’s life,” she said of reactions to the fake news piece. “It endangered my life.”

She observed that news consumers no longer take the time to check their sources. She reminded viewers of the story of a man taking a gun into D.C.’s Comet Pizzeria to investigate the fake news that a child sex ring was being run out of it as an example.

Watch above to see Goldberg speak directly to absolutely tear into the Costa Rican man who wrote the piece and who allegedly did it just to see how many shares he could rack up.

“Costa Rica is not big enough for the lawsuit that’s coming your way,” she promised.

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