Scott Brown’s Country-Singing Daughter: I Support Gay Marriage Because ‘I Played Women’s Basketball’


In an interview with CNN, country singer Ayla Brown explained that while she is a Republican and voted for Donald Trump, she has socially and culturally moderate views. She then pointed to a few instances to highlight how accepting she is.

Brown, a country singer who performed the national anthem at the Republican National Convention, also happens to be the daughter of former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown. Speaking to CNN’s Carol Costello, Ms. Brown stated that she initially didn’t support Trump and was for Marco Rubio.

When asked about Trump’s rhetoric and whether it was racist, she said she was able to ignore it, which is why she voted for him. She then highlighted how she couldn’t be racist or prejudiced against blacks or Muslims because she’s had black boyfriends, traveled to the Middle East to sign for the troops and her name is Turkish.

While the above exchange may have been a little cringeworthy regarding cultural enlightenment, it was what she said later that seemed to fully embrace some of the worst stereotypes when it comes to proving one’s tolerance.

After stating that she was more moderate and to the left on social issues, Brown told Costello that she was for gay marriage. Here’s how she expanded on that answer:

I played women’s basketball. I’m totally cool with gay marriage. Yes. Some of my best friends are gay and have married women, you know and guy friends have married guys. If they ask me to be in their wedding, I would never say no.

It should be noted that when Brown gave her basketball-playing experience as a reason for her views on gay marriage, Costello broke out in laughter.

Watch the entire exchange above, via CNN.

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