Senate Candidate Replaces Opponent Shaking Trump’s Hand With Hillary Clinton’s in Photoshopped Campaign Ad


West Virginia Senate Republican candidate Evan Jenkins apparently saw a photo of Attorney General Patrick Morrisey — his rival opponent in the GOP primary — shaking hands with President Donald Trump, and had a radical idea: convince voters he was instead cozying up to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Morrisey, a long-time Clinton critic, is seen shaking hands with the 2016 Democratic candidate in a photoshopped image used in one of Jenkins’ recent campaign advertisements. Meanwhile, the attorney general was actually shaking hands with the president in the Oval Office while patting his shoulder in the original image. 

“Morrisey chose not to endorse Trump,” bold text over the photoshopped image reads. The manipulated photo shows Morrisey looking at Clinton as she laughs with her eyes closed and mouth open. 

The attorney general, who faces Jenkins in a six-candidate primary before potentially running against Democratic incumbent Sen. Joe Manchin (D—WV), hit back at his opponent on Twitter last week, calling him a “liar” and demanding “accountability.” 

Despicable @EvanJenkinsWV photoshopped my photo with @realDonaldTrump and substituted it with Hillary, who I have always strongly opposed,” Morrisey wrote. “Will the media call out Jenkins for his lying and dishonesty? Where is the accountability as this liar tries to deceive voters?”

In a statement to, Jenkins’ spokesperson Andy Sere claimed the campaign took “creative license while arranging images in order to help make a substantive point.”

It’s common practice for political opponents to link their enemies to unsavory or disliked figures in campaign advertisements, often flashing images across the screen of both parties as a narrator or captions link their policies or agendas. In fact, Morrisey had done just that, including photos of Jenkins and Clinton in his own campaign advertising, as Yahoo News reported on Wednesday. But no candidate besides Jenkins has seemingly gone as far as photoshopping an image to seemingly trick viewers into believing his rival was shaking hands with someone he publicly condemns. 

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