Seth Meyers Takes ‘Closer Look’ At Travel Ban To See Trump’s ‘Big Old Heart in Action’

Last night, Seth Meyers took on the hot topic of the week: Donald Trump‘s Muslim ban travel ban executive order temporarily barring entry to the country by people from seven countries with predominantly Muslim populations.

He played footage of Trump talking up his “big heart,” then said it was time to take a look at that “big old heart in action.”

Meyers noted that when signing the order itself, Trump seemed to be reading it for the first time, then moved on to showcasing the juxtaposition between Trump’s later insistence that the order was going well and the nationwide protests against it.

Finally, he pointed out the widespread confusion that was reported among all levels of the government, saying that to avoid that in the future, “Trump should be the first President legally required to count to 100 before taking action, not because he’ll think better of it, but because he’ll forget what it is.”

Watch the whole “closer look” segment above.

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