Smerconish Gushes: Only ‘Studs Like Chris Cuomo’ Can Save Health Insurance

Things got gushy on the set of CNN’s New Day Monday morning, with show regular Michael Smerconish saying that the only way to really save health care was by enlisting “studs like Chris Cuomo” into the system to subsidize coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.

“The issue here is whether the business model can sustain itself by affording care to people with preexisting conditions. Unless you say everybody has to have insurance,” said Smerconish.

“The mandate,” Cuomo clarified.

“Yes, in other words, the way in which you can afford to pay for people with preexisting conditions is if you get a guy who’s a stud like Chris Cuomo who works out and is healthy and get him into the pool.”

…We assume he meant insurance pool.

Cuomo happily took the compliment, kissing his biceps on air.

“Why Michael, Why do you do this?” co-host asked Alisyn Camerota asked over her own laughter.

watch above.

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