South Park Season Premiere Literally Hijacked Viewers Amazon Alexas With Naughty Phrases


South Park created some interactive television on Wednesday when their season premiere drove digital home assistants wild all over the country.

In the show’s 21st season premiere, Eric Cartman has become obsessed with getting Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and other speaker units to say obscene, funny phrases. This obsession grows until Cartman eventually breaks up with his girlfriend since he prefers the company of things that will say what he wants and obey his commands.

As a hilarious side-effect of South Park‘s dialogue, audiences found that their in-home devices were responding to Cartman’s commands. A multitude of people have posted videos on Twitter to show how their personal assistants became completely messed up thanks to Cartman’s twisted and dirty mind.

The season premiere also satirized the white nationalist movement and the pro-confederate marchers who were involved in last month’s racial unrest in Charlottesville. Darryl Weathers (AKA the “dey terk er jerbs” guy) convinces the cartoon town’s blue-collar workers and rednecks to join him in protesting smart speakers for replacing them in American society. This causes Randy Marsh to confront Weather’s mob for ruining the “brand” of white people with their actions.

Watch above.

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