Donny Deutsch Praises ‘Buff’ Andrew Cuomo As NY Gov Talks About Irma Devastation


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was on his way to the U.S. Virgin Islands, Friday to assist with disaster relief.

— Those Cuomos just love hurricanes.

While there, the governor took a moment for a media hit on Morning Joe.

“Tell us about what you’re doing today,” Scarborough asked.

“Americans like to see things getting done, especially in times of an emergency, and that’s what you’re seeing. Florida, Texas and southern states and the U.S. Virgin Islands has really been devastated,” said Cuomo. “Governor Mapp who is the Governor of the U.S. Virgin Island actually happens to be from Brooklyn, New York originally, was an NYPD officer, he called and asked for help.”

Ok normal enough for a governor — some might even say presidential behavior. But with Donny Deutsch on set, of course things got weird.

Deutsch opened by telling Cuomo how muscular he was looking.

“Hey Governor, Donny Deutsch, good to talk to you my old friend and by the way looking very buff there I might say, those guns are looking very strong.”

“Oh stop it Donnny. Donny Donny!” said an exasperated Scarborough off-camera.

Cuomo seemed bemused — though his brother, CNN’s Chris Cuomo has raised eyebrows over the years with a series of images posing shirtless with large fish.

“Let me ask you a question, obviously,” he continued before inquiring whether Cuomo’s effort in the Virgin Islands was part of a broader strategy to position himself to take over the Democratic party or a 2020 presidential run.

Cuomo demurred, of course, and gave the usual political blather about focusing on the job he has now.

… The job he has now? News to anyone waiting for subway improvements.

Scarborough ended the interview by apologizing to the governor for having to field a question from Deutsch.

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