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Twitter Stunned by News of Trump Pushing to Double Amazon’s Postal Rates: ‘What the Hell is He Doing?’

Trump Reportedly Asked U.S. Postmaster to Double Amazon’s Shipping Costs

Trump Signs Executive Order to Review US Postal Service Finances

Washington Post Senior Editor: Trump Attacks Amazon Because He Has a ‘Jealousy Issue With Jeff Bezos’

Jake Tapper Confronts Kudlow on Trump’s Amazon Attacks: He’s ‘Bad-Mouthing’ a Private Company!

Advisers Gave Trump PowerPoint Presentation Debunking His Claims on Amazon. It Didn’t Work

Pentagon Reportedly Eyeing Amazon for Lucrative IT Contract Despite Trump’s Attacks

Trump Blasts Washington Post Over ‘Phony’ Headline on China Trade War Story: ‘Amazon’s Chief Lobbyist’

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle Goes Off on Trump For ‘Lying’ to Bash Amazon: ‘It Blows My Mind!’

Scarborough Bashes Conservatives for Not Condemning Trump’s Attacks on Amazon: ‘It’s a Flat-Out Lie!’

Fox News’ Shepard Smith Slams Trump Over Attack on Amazon: ‘None of That Was True’

Washington Post Editor Marty Baron: Trump’s Idea of Amazon Owning Us is ‘Completely Made Up’

Trump Reportedly Planning to Escalate Feud With Amazon: He’s Like ‘How Can I F*ck With’ Bezos?

Washington Post Writer on Trump Targeting Amazon to Hurt Jeff Bezos: ‘Something Tinpot Dictators Do’

FBN’s Charles Payne Defends Trump’s Amazon Attacks: Washington Post Is a ‘Mean-Spirited Publication’

Bernie Sanders: Amazon Has Gotten Too Big, We Should Look At Its ‘Power and Influence’

Trump Rage-Tweets About Amazon, Wants ‘Fake Washington Post’ To Register As Lobbyist

Trump Takes Aim at Amazon: Pay ‘No Taxes’ and Are Putting ‘Thousands of Retailers Out of Business!’

Trump Reportedly Wants to ‘Go After’ Amazon: ‘He’s Obsessed’

Second Trans Woman Accuses Transparent Star Jeffrey Tambor of Sexual Harassment

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