Stephen A. Smith: ‘The Black Glenn Beck’?

Meet Stephen A. Smith, former ESPN personality and sports shouter, current FOX social commentator. Today on Fox Sports, Smith published a column taking Gilbert Arenas to task for brandishing a weapon in the Washington Wizards locker room. What was surprising to many about the piece wasn’t the fact that it was meant to be controversial (Smith just started his stint as a radio host for FOX, and is known to be a bit of an attention hound), but the tone it took on regarding black athletes:

“The mess that Arenas has created is not going away. Nor are the questions destined to follow about professional athletes, specifically those from the African-American Community — and how the criminal element has virtually hijacked the culture of Black America.”

Columns alluding to the “thug culture” in sports are nothing new (FYI: by most accounts Gilbert Arenas is more “aloof semi-nerd” than a thug. Check out his increasingly strange Twitter.), and will continue to be regurgitated every time an athlete does something dumb. But what makes this one interesting, according to The Big Lead, is that Smith may be making a play to be Fox’s black conservative voice on sports culture, like some sort of cross between Pardon the Interruption and Glenn Beck.

If Stephen A. decides to model himself after other Fox News conservatives, things will get interesting in a hurry. For a possible preview, see below.

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