Steve Bannon’s Rap Musical is Now a Thing You Can Watch


Before there was Hamilton, there was… this, apparently. Before Steve Bannon was working in Washington, he was trying to make it as a screenwriter. And, what we have here is the result of some of that work. Back in the day, Bannon wrote a rap musical with writing partner Julia Jones called “The Thing I am” based on Shakespeare’s Coriolanus that takes place in Los Angeles during the 1992 riots.

We already knew of the rap musical’s existence, and The New York Times even had some of it, but NowThis obtained a copy of the whole thing, and they did with it what anyone would do: Held a table read of the whole thing, complete with actors including Rob Corddry.

It’s really…something. And all of the actors get into it. One character’s description ends with, “Abandon hope all ye who f*ck with her!” Nyima Funk, who read for one of the characters actually had to read the line, “Bitch, please. It becomes a man. Breasts nursing look no lovelier than when a forehead spits forth blood,” which she says with gusto before breaking and saying, “Sorry, this is the first time I’ve ever said things like this, let me try that again. We should talk like this more often.”

At another point, one character calls another a “piece-a jack-sh*t.” Honestly, we’re not sure what a lot of it means, but we do know that you need to see it.

Watch above, via NowThis.

[featured image via screen grab]

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