‘Story Of A Dysfunctional Democratic Majority’: House GOP Mocks Obama With Arrested Development Parody

While we were repeatedly re-watching the Arrested Development promo in anticipation of the show’s return via Netflix, House Republicans too decided to get in on the hype. Employing a bit of nerdy/Dad humor, they presented the tale of President Obama and his dysfunctional Democratic majority in an installment of Arrested Economic Development.

The video parodies the show’s opening credits, with the narrator announcing, “And now, the story of a dysfunctional Democratic majority that’s costing American jobs and the one president who had no choice but to make it worse.”

“It’s arrested economic development.”

It goes on to elaborate on Obama’s health care law, criticizing his “magician alliance” for the claims they made — complete with a banana stand joke. There are also jabs at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

But it’s the next episode that sounds particularly promising: Vice President Joe Biden “has a squirt gun fight and then takes a nap.”

Watch below:

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