Syria Analyst Cited By Kerry Admits She Was Never in PhD Program

Elizabeth O’Bagy, the Syrian analyst whose Wall Street Journal op-ed was cited by Secretary of State John Kerry and Senator John McCain in the lead-up to a potential missile strike against the Assad regime, told the Daily Beast she was never enrolled in a Georgetown PhD program, as she had led her employers to believe.

O’Bagy first came under scrutiny when the Wall Street Journal failed to disclose her ties to a pro-Syrian rebel political action committee. Shortly thereafter, her employer, the Institute for Study of War, then discovered that she had not received a doctorate, and terminated her immediately. However, as of her firing, the Institute still believed that she had been enrolled in the program and simply hadn’t defended her dissertation.

O’Bagy told the Daily Beast’s Josh Rogin that she had in fact applied to the joint Master’s/PhD program at Georgetown but had not been accepted.

The Syrian Emergency Task Force, the PAC with which O’Bagy had been aligned, asked for her resignation on Monday.

“There is little I can do to assuage the lack of credibility this misrepresentation has created, as well as the confidence my colleagues and others who have relied on me may have lost the past several weeks,” O’Bagy wrote in a statement to the Beast. “Their anger and distrust is understandable, however, I never intended to willfully deceive anyone.”

[h/t Daily Beast]

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