TBT: This Hapless Reporter’s Segment on Inflatables is Back and Horrifically Awkward

There’s a lot of awkward stuff on the internet. There’s “please clap,” there’s “says who,” and there’s this train wreck of an interview about inflatables.

So here’s the scene: Dave Scott, a reporter with local San Diego news station KUSI News, went to cover an event back in April (the video resurfaced from the bowels of the internet today) called the Inflatable Run, which is a family-friendly event that includes a 5K run and inflatable jousting and all sorts of other blow-up shenanigans.

A nice little event, it seems, but then Scott basically crash-landed on the scene looking like he’d just flown in from the planet Neptune and wants to know the definition of “joy.”

“What kind of fun do you think you’re gonna have today?” he asks a horrified young woman.

“Lots of fun,” she responds with a prolonged shrug.

Scott moves on to another poor young lady, who offers: “Um, helping?”

And possibly the worst moment of all (and it’s really, really hard to pick one) comes when Scott makes everyone chant: “Abracadabra, one, two, three, now it’s time to see what we see,” and out from the bouncy house comes – God, I wish I were making this up – Mr. Wacky.

Once Mr. Wacky is filling us all in on the deets of the event, things feel slightly more under control. But things really shouldn’t feel under control when you’re getting your news from a wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man.

And then everyone decides to “get inflatable,” which means waving their arms around like buffoons.

Is there a cringe stronger than cringe? Like a crawl on the floor and assume the fetal position cringe? Because that’s the cringe I think we need here.

Watch above, via KUSI News.

[image via screengrab]

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