Texas Rep. Hangs ‘Former Fetus’ Sign on His Door to Keep Planned Parenthood Out


Time for your daily reminder that politics in Texas is a contact sport.

Today it’s Rep. Jonathan Stickland (R) who’s causing the commotion, after he posted a “FORMER FETUS” sign outside his office doorway. Distributed by the anti-abortion group Right to Life, the signs went up on Stickland’s door and a few others on the day Planned Parenthood was set to visit the Capitol. Stickland said on Facebook the sign was meant to bar the group:

Per Texas Tribune’s Patrick Svitek, Strickland got into it with another Republican rep, whom he accused of removing the sign.

“It’s just been ripped down and thrown in my staffer’s face by Charlie Geren,” Strickland said of the chair of the House Administration Committee. “I thought it was absolutely handled in the wrong way. I wish Rep. Geren was more professional about it instead of intimidating my staff.”

Geren said the signs were in violation of Capitol rules, but denied he ripped it down. “If Stickland wants to act like a child, that’s fair, but I did not rip it down,” he said. One assumes the child pun was unintentional.

This combines the two emerging narratives of the current Texas legislative session: intimidating opposition groups and bullying staff members.

[h/t Texas Tribune]
[Image via Jonathan Stickland]

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