TGIF: Jon Huntsman’s Daughters Made Their Own Herman Cain Campaign Ad Parody

Of, first off, the obvious: Jon Huntsman‘s daughters are pretty. Very, very pretty. They make me think of, like, unicorns and sparkles and sparkly unicorns. I feel like they belong in fields of heather, or in a castle, or in a Tommy Hilfiger ad on a yacht, with various golden retrievers wearing cable-knit doggy sweaters. But the mustaches they don in their Herman Cain parody ad? Look kind of incredibly terribly gross. I mean, like, really bad. Like maybe they’re made of poop? Or worse.

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In other words: Jon Hunstman’s daughters made a parody ad and I can’t even tell if it’s funny or not because I was very distracted by what sort of Lovecraftian horror lay silent and waiting on their upper lips.

So you tell me: Funny? Bland? Desperate?


P.S. “I Am America” has been stuck in my head all week. ALL. WEEK. I’ve even come up with a pretty stellar dance routine for it. Which is all to say: Beware when watching this with the sound on.

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