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‘That’s What He Said!’ Rachel Maddow Battles Hugh Hewitt on Trump’s ‘They Lost Ryan’ Quote

Following President Donald Trump’s address to the joint session of Congress tonight, things got a bit heated on the MSNBC set during a panel discussion on the emotional moment between Trump and the widow of slain Navy SEAL William ‘Ryan’ Owens.

At one point in the discussion, conservative radio host and MSNBC contributor Hugh Hewitt wanted to point out that he disagreed with the notion that Trump had blamed military generals for the loss of Owens life in last month’s Yemen raid. (In a Fox News interview that aired Tuesday morning, Trump explained that his generals had planned the mission before he got into office and “they lost Ryan.”)

“When the president said they lost Ryan, here’s what I heard,” Hewitt noted. “The SEALs didn’t bring back one of their own, not that I’m blaming my generals.” He also added that presidents don’t think about “them” and “they.”

Well, anchor Rachel Maddow wasn’t about to let that go without a response, and she shot back with Trump’s quote from the Fox interview, which referenced the generals.

“He was asked about his reaction to this loss and this raid and to the grief of this SEAL’s father who has spoken publicly about the fact that he didn’t want to meet him on the tarmac at Dover,” Maddow explained. “He responded by saying this was started before I got here.

When Hewitt simply said they could disagree, Maddow exclaimed, “That’s what he said!”

Hewitt came back by saying it is “interpretation” and that he “heard it completely differently.” He further attributed them hearing it differently to the “divide in the country.”

“We all hear the point you’re making about the speech tonight,” Maddow stated. “But so far his comment about the raid is this wasn’t me, this wasn’t on me. and that — you can’t get around from that by rounding up the emotional value of what you heard him say, not if we actually have quotations from him. He’s president now.”

“We disagree,” Hewitt concluded.

Watch the exchange above, via MSNBC.

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