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MSNBC Contributor Hugh Hewitt: ‘Even If You Loathe Trump, Vote Republican’

Chuck Todd Goes Off After Hugh Hewitt Knocks Trump-Russia Media Coverage: This Isn’t About the Media!

Conservative MSNBC Host Hugh Hewitt Announces Cancellation of Show

MSNBC Host Hugh Hewitt Proposes ‘No More Trench Coats’ After Santa Fe Shooting

Hugh Hewitt Given Verbal Warning by MSNBC Over Pruitt Meeting: ‘A Violation of Our Standards’

NY Times Reporter Calls Out MSNBC and Hugh Hewitt For Ties to Scott Pruitt

Richard Painter Goes Off on Hugh Hewitt in Heated MSNBC Fight: ‘I Am Fed Up!’

Lindsey Graham: Trump Firing Mueller Would Be an Impeachable Offense

Hugh Hewitt Compares Mueller Investigation to Watergate, Surprising MSNBC Anchor

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Blames Media for ‘Attacking’ Ivanka Trump: ‘It’s Very Shameful’

President Trump Turns To Talk Radio For Tax Reform Pitch

Lindsey Graham Goes Off on Dem Rep. Gutierrez for ‘Slandering’ John Kelly

Henry Winkler: Trump’s ‘Life’s Blood Is the Sound of Appreciation or Adulation’

Lindsey Graham: Trump Is Driving CNN ‘Crazy’

Hugh Hewitt on Latest Trump Threats: ‘We’re in a Very Dangerous Moment’

Mediaite Deep Dive: Hugh Hewitt Tells Never Trumpers To ‘Find the Good and Praise It’

Hugh Hewitt: Alt-Right Critics of McMaster Are ‘Throwing Pebbles at a Battleship’

Scaramucci: Trump ‘Probably’ Wants Sessions Gone; ‘Tension in the Relationship’

Hugh Hewitt Asks Dem Rep. About the Voters His Party ‘Seems to Have Such Contempt For’

CIA Director Concerned by ‘Worship’ of People Like Edward Snowden

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