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Rachel Maddow Breaks Down in Tears Delivering News of Migrant Babies Being Detained

Rachel Maddow and Others Rally Around Joy Reid Following Quasi-Apology: ‘Never Been Prouder to Work With Her’

Rachel Maddow, Andrea Mitchell, and More Female Colleagues Co-Sign Letter Supporting Tom Brokaw

Comey: ‘I’m Not Permitted to Answer’ Whether Sensitive Info Was Kept Away From Mike Flynn

Amid Cohen Controversy, Hannity’s Show Most-Watched Monday Night… But Maddow Wins Demo

CNN’s Stelter: If Maddow Was ‘Getting Secret Legal Advice From a Clinton Lawyer,’ Hannity Would Go Wild

Maddow on Hannity’s Relationship With Cohen: ‘I Still Am Struggling Not to Laugh’

Maddow on Trump Syria Announcement: Hard to Avoid Perception It’s ‘In Part Because of Scandal’

Rachel Maddow Obtains Notes Ex-Senior DOJ Official Reportedly Took Corroborating Comey Testimony

Maddow: ‘I’m Expecting’ Trump Will Pardon Michael Flynn Sunday To Distract From Stormy Interview

Maddow: Trump’s Legal Team In Place To ‘Explain It On Fox News’ If He Ends Mueller Probe

Maddow Stunned by Trump ‘DO NOT CONGRATULATE’ Report: Like Something from a ‘Satirical Movie’

Cuomo Swings at New 9PM Rivals Maddow, Hannity: ‘Don’t Know Where Their Partisan Fights Are Getting Us’

Rachel Maddow’s List of Fired Trump Officials Grows: ‘A Totally Normal Typical Tuesday’

MSNBC Surges Forward in the Trump Era, Despite Its Executive Leadership

Sean Hannity Goes on Anti-Schiff Tirade: He’s ‘Auditioning to Be the Next Rachel Maddow’

Maddow Interviews Author of Bombshell NYT Kushner Report: Were $500M Loans ‘Potentially a Bribe?’

MSNBC and Fox News Battle It Out on Friday Night, Maddow Snags Most Viewers

Eric Holder Shreds Trump in Rare Interview: ‘Any One of My Kids Would Be a Better President’

Rachel Maddow Mocks Fox News for Overhyping Memo: ‘Kind of Like a Sad Trombone’

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