The Awful Reason Michael J. Fox Is Trending on Twitter


Actor Michael J. Fox was trending on Twitter Wednesday morning — at times reaching the third-highest spot — after a bunch of Twitter bots started tweeting awful jokes about Fox’s Parkinson’s Disease. Yikes.

Early this morning, the “Michael J. Fox” trend reached its peak on Twitter and then slowly died down as the day went on, according to Trend24, and even attained the number-three spot at this time yesterday.

So some are asking, why is Michael J. Fox trending? Is there a Back to the Future marathon on cable this weekend? One clever user has an answer:

Often when celebrities are trending on Twitter, it means they have just passed away. This user expresses her worry at the potential death of the beloved actor:

And yes, have no fear — Fox is a-okay:

Another user has a solution to stop the madness:

Here are a handful of the bot tweets in question:

It is still unclear how or why this trend began. Click here to see the bots’ tweets in real time.

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