The Guardian Responds To Sen. McCaskill’s Charge Of Promoting ‘Agenda’ Through NSA Reporting

The NSA surveillance story has elicited strong reactions from those on both sides of the issue. Among them was Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) who, on CNN yesterday, attacked the Guardian for having an “agenda” and distorting the way the programs work. On Friday, the Guardian responded, noting its disappointment in McCaskill’s criticism.

“We were very disappointed to hear Senator McCaskill’s comments about the Guardian in an appearance on CNN yesterday,” a Guardian spokesperson told The Huffington Post. The spokesperson added:

“As an independent global news organization, it is our responsibility to publish material that is in the public interest.”

“We reported these stories to stimulate an open debate about the tension between security and privacy,” the spokesperson continued. “A debate best held in the public view.”

During the CNN interview, McCaskill told Jake Tapper the Guardian has “an agenda.”

“I respect the fact that the Guardian is putting this information out there and that it’s been leaked, I get that’s a role of journalism,” the senator said. “But, at the same time there’s been an awful lot of distortions around the facts of this information that’s come to light and an awful lot of context that’s been missing.”

Watch McCaskill’s CNN interview below:

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