These Movies Are Really Short When They’re Just ‘Every Single Word Spoken by a Person of Color’


Fair and accurate representation in entertainment is a pressing issue when it comes to gender, sexuality, and race, and one person has decided to see just how dire our situation is. Dylan Marron, who is best known for his work on the fictional podcast series Welcome to Night Vale, took it upon himself to compile all the lines said by people of color in a few movies and whip up some videos. It seems like it would be an arduous task, but as it turns out, it didn’t take him too long.

Here is “Every Single Word Spoken by a Person of Color in Noah:

Now, what’s wrong with this? Noah tells the biblical story of Noah’s Ark, about a presumably Mesopotamian man and his family living in what is now the Middle East. So, where are all the Middle Eastern-looking people in Noah?

Let’s try Her, a look into the not-too-distant future, which surely must include some people who are not white:

Well, there are four characters, two of whom are service employees, one of whom has no name (except Letter Writer #2), and someone’s girlfriend. Four people said less than one minute of lines in a movie that is two hours and six minutes long.

How about Enough Said, a romantic comedy that starred… all white actors except for one? Who played a fed-up housekeeper?

Again, about 40 seconds of dialogue.

This was the longest video, clocking in at 55 seconds. Friends With Benefits featured four actors with speaking roles and only one of them was a service employee! One of them was even employed in Business™!

But still — that’s four people taking up 0.0084 percent of a whole movie filled with white people.

So, if you’re not yet convinced that racial representation is an issue, visit Marron’s YouTube page and watch the really short videos that I left out. But here’s Into the Woods:


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