‘They’re Worthwhile Issues’: Mika Brzezinski Says Clinton Questions At Comey Hearings Are Fair Game

Taking a break from psychoanalysis of Donald Trump’s mental state, Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski went a little off script on Thursday.

In a bit of pre-show speculation about what Senators will ask the ex-FBI chief, Brzezinski pushed back against claims that Clinton questions weren’t relevant.

“Are we really going to have Senators talking about Hillary Clinton,” co-host Joe Scarborough bemoaned. “She lost. Is this a what about routine? Would somebody really waste their time on that?”

Far from a waste of time, Brzezinski said they were fair game.

“I they’re worthwhile issues for perspective on Comey’s thinking,” she said. “Especially Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General meeting.”

That on-air thought crime prompted a blizzard of crosstalk, but Brzezinski appeared to close out her remarks saying “I don’t rule them out as ridiculous? Do you?”

The panel then turned it over to Clint Watts — who’s had quite a meteoric career bump since his viral moment about dead Russians — who tried to suggest that it was all just politics.

“It rallies their base. Any time you throw in Clinton, Obama, Yates, or Loretta Lynch into the conversation, you see the Trump base surround on those issues.”

… But she — Brzezinski — persisted.

“Forget the political implications,” she said. “Aren’t they worthy in getting a sense of the overall picture.”

Watts was forced to concede some ground.

“I do think that’s a pattern,” he said. “One angle of attack that you’re probably going to see is did you document these sort of things that you were nervous about.”

Without being able to see into the future, we at Mediaite feel confident that both Hillary and Bill Clinton questions will feature front and center at the Comey hearings, particularly from the Republican side of the aisle.

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