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This Exists: Mugshot Of Eight Amish Men Arrested For Not Obeying Traffic Laws

Here we go. Yet another story about a repressive religion whose culture and traditions comes up against modern society and how they and the people around them just can’t get along. Yes, it’s another story about…wait, who? The Amish? Oh, ok.

In Kentucky, nine Amish men have been arrested for refusing to pay the fines after they broke traffic laws by not affixing bright orange traffic triangles to their vehicles.

From Kentucky’s WLKY:

“The men, who belong to the strict Old Order Swartzentruber Amish sect, object to the triangles because the bright color violates their modesty code. They said paying the fines would amount to complying with a law they believe violates their religious strictures.

Graves County District Judge Deborah Hawkins Crooks sentenced the nine Monday to three to 10 days in jail for refusing to pay the fines.”

They do have a point. Whenever I’m feeling prideful, there’s nothing I like more than to show off my bright orange traffic triangles. “Check it out ladies! I have a slow moving vehicle. Want a piece?”

Anyway, The Smoking Gun found a mugshot of eight of the men and it looks pretty much exactly like you’d expect.

So what do you guys think? Is this religious persecution or stubborn people refusing to abide by laws set up for their safety?

Mediaite tried to reach the Amish men for comment but, for some reason, we couldn’t find them in the phone book.

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