‘This Is Our Country!’: Jeff Lord, CNN Contributor Fight Over the Impact of Russian Hacking

screen-shot-2016-12-11-at-8-00-38-pmA discussion on CNN Newsroom ended up dissolving into a tussle over the recent reports that Russian hackers intervened in the election to help Donald Trump become president-elect.

Poppy Harlow had pro-Trump contributor Jeffrey Lord and The New Yorker‘s Ryan Lizza on tonight, and they talked about how Trump and GOP figures are refuting the reports without providing evidence to counter the implications involved. Lizza noted how Trump is most likely upset at the idea that his victory could be tainted, though the reports reflect the need for Congress to launch an investigation into how to stop foreign entities from meddling in America’s political systems.

Lord was asked about the bipartisan calls for such an investigation, and whether Trump should be more supportive of it than he has been so far. Lord responded by comparing the situation to Trump’s recent calls to address the massive “illegal voting” that cost him the popular vote (even though there is very little evidence to support this claim).

Lizza responded that Trump and his supporters should want to know what Russia is up to, but when Lord stuck with his previous argument, Lizza questioned whether he really thinks that a handful of illegal voters can match the power and influence of an adversarial foreign nation. “You’re throwing out peripheral issues! This is our country, Jeffrey,” Lizza said.

The fight continued to spill out as Lizza expressed his exasperation that pro-Trump people are not being more concerned about whether Russia is making a real threat against American democracy

Watch above, via CNN.

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