Thunderstorm Stops Umbrella-Toting President Obama’s Memorial Day Speech

The conditions could not have been worse in Chicago for President Barack Obama to give an outdoor speech, and while he tried to deliver his Memorial Day address as long as he could, he was finally forced to direct people back to their cars to avoid the dangers of lightning strikes.

Amidst dangerously powerful wind and the possibility of lightning touching ground, President Obama was forced to cut his speech short in face of the dangers. “Listen up,” he instructed. “We are a little bit concerned about lightning. This may not be safe. I know that all of you are here to commemorate the fallen, that’s why we’re here,” he continued, then directing everyone to return to their cars and assuring them that, if the weather let up, he would deliver his speech.

The White House pool report, via HuffPo, tells the story of just how uncomfortable the scene was:

Scenes from the great storm: People trudging barefoot across flooded fields, taking shelter in available vehicles. The wreath Obama laid earlier blown over. Flash flood-type pools of water on the road. Sharp bursts of lightning. Everyone, needless to say, is drenched.

Video below:

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