Tinder Is Finally Coming ‘to a Desktop Near You’

Touchstone dating app Tinder is finally getting a desktop version.

It’ll take some adjusting, since “swipe right” and “swipe left” have taken a significant place in the social lexicon in their own right, but eventually “click left” and “click right” will sound normal, we promise.

Today Tinder, which made headlines this month for supporting International Women’s Day with their #FundHerCause initiative as well as being beneficial to sports players’, uh, road game focus, put out the video you see above.

As you can see, soon you’ll be able to use your computer to find a date on the mega-popular app that was once only used by phone. While you wait for Tinder Online to drop, we suggest buddying up to the people in IT or HR or whoever monitors employee Internet use at your company. Then, get ready to click right and hopefully you’ll be happy hour-bound with a cutie in no time.

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