Trevor Noah Defends Trump From Recent ‘Misleading Stories’ on Immigration: He ‘Didn’t Lose 1,500 Kids’

On Tuesday night, Trevor Noah took a rare stance and defended the Trump administration from the misleading stories that went viral last week that they lost roughly 1,500 migrant children.

Noah began by invoking the hashtag #WhereAreTheChildren the sparked after a report said that the Department of Homeland Security lost track of 1,500 migrant children last year.

“How do you lose 1,500 children?” Noah asked. “If you want to find them, just let R. Kelly sniff a piece of their clothes. He’ll find them!”

The Daily Show host then said if you were only “reading the headlines and tweets” you’d think the Trump administration “had captured and then lost 1,500 kids,” which a lot of people “lost their sh*t.”

“That’s how these things start, right? Someone reads a headline, then they start a hashtag, people retweet the hashtag without doing their own research and that creates a snowball of outrage,” Noah continued, “but the truth is… Trump hasn’t lost track of any kids.”

He referred to reporting how sponsors of migrant children often don’t respond to calls from the U.S. government and how many sponsors themselves are illegal immigrants.

Noah also addressed the “other misinformed immigration scandal” of the picture that went viral of migrant children being locked up in cages… which turned out to be from the Obama administration, saying that the people sharing the photo “didn’t get their facts straight.”

“I understand that people genuinely care about this issue, but sometimes it pays to slow down. Just take a breath,” Noah urged his viewers. ‘Let’s read past headlines before we start sharing misleading stories that Trump will use to discredit all other news. He’s gonna do it- he did it with this story! So just we’re on the same page, Trump didn’t lose 1,500 kids and his administration didn’t put those kids in cages, alright? But don’t worry, you could still hate him.”

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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