Trump Slams ‘Lowly Rated’ CNN in 3 A.M. Tweet: ‘Funny’ How They Blame Me For Bombs


Either President Donald Trump suffered from insomnia last night or he veered from his normal sleep pattern. OR, his Social Media lead Dan Scavino scheduled a tweet at the odd time of 3:14 a.m. this morning, when a presidential post was published that took aim at CNN’s coverage of what the Commander in Chief called “the current spate of Bombs.”

There are now over 10 examples of what authorities have called “live explosive devices” sent to numerous Democratic officials and the CNN studios, the latter of which caused an evacuation of the Time Warner Building facility.

In the days that have followed, there has ostensibly been wall-to-wall coverage of the bomb threats, and given the current state of cable news programming, panel discussions have featured a myriad of opinionate explanations of what the reasoning behind this failed terror attack.

The specific parsing of the language of this tweet is a column for another time, but one can easily note the odd equivocation between Presidential rhetoric and cable news punditry.  President Trump appears to reveal in this tweet that he believes that the words and deeds of cable news opinionators should be held to the same standards as the Commander in Cheif.

And that’s today’s clear expression of just how uniquely different this White House is in comparison to every other that has come before.

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