Ari Fleischer: FBI Bought ‘Every Worst Case Argument’ About Trump, ‘Believed It the Way a Partisan Believes it”


Former Bush Press Secretary Ari Fleischer slammed the FBI and former FBI officials on Fox News Wednesday morning, calling out the agency for investigating based on political “animus” against Trump instead of unbiased facts.

“People make things up about people in politics. You would think the FBI would be immune from that at the top level,” Fleischer told Fox News’ Sandra Smith. “I think the FBI bought in on every worst scenario, worst case argument about Donald Trump, and they believed it the way a partisan believes it, not the way a neutral fact-finding law enforcement officer should believe it.”

Fleischer said reporters were being negligent in asking former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe whether there was a counter intelligence investigation and not whether he told other FBI officials that he had considered using the 25th amendment to impeach President Donald Trump.

“When people ask him that question, they’re missing the bigger picture, the absolute inappropriate behavior of Andy McCabe, James Comey and anyone else who participated in a discussion about removing a duly elected president using the 25th amendment,” said Fleischer. “This is the bad behavior going on at the top of the FBI. And what concerns me the most.”

Fleischer said he had witnessed McCabe’s attitude of blind loyalty to former FBI Director James Comey firsthand, when he had slightly criticized Comey during a car ride to an FBI counterterrorism training event that he was supposed to give.

“Andy McCabe, I was literally in an FBI car on my way to the event, McCabe told the car to drop me off because I criticized Comey mildly. He was so defensive about James Comey he actually canceled the terrorism training of an event and told him pull over and let him out,” he recalled. “That’s Andy McCabe for you,” he added, noting McCabe’s priority of protecting Comey “at all costs.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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