Tucker Carlson: ‘Hard Left’ Supports Political Violence Because It Will Destroy ‘Country They Despise’


In the wake of Wednesday morning’s shooting at a Virginia ballfield that has left Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) in critical condition and four others injured, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson went all in on liberals and the media for their reaction.

Tucker first took aim at Atlantic editor David Frum and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe over their comments about gun violence. Regarding Frum’s tweet about Virginia’s gun laws, Carlson labeled the former Bush speechwriter a “Twitter buffoon” and “gross.” Meanwhile, he hammered McAulliffe for erroneously claiming 93 million people die every day in America due to guns, saying “this is what happens when ignorant liberals talk about firearms.”

Noting that this wasn’t so much gun violence than “political violence,” Carlson directed his ire at the far-left for advocating for this — the shooter appeared to be a Bernie Sanders supporter — so they can destroy America.

“That is why shooting a congressman for party affiliation is worse than killing a man in a bar because he hit on your wife,” he noted. “They are both horrifying and immoral, but only one could lead to civil war.”

Carlson continued, “Some on the hard left understand this and that’s exactly why they support it because political violence could lead to the dissolution of a country they despise.”

He would end his monologue by calling for more “intellectual honesty,” rational debate, and a realization that the “other side isn’t evil.” Which was, of course, right after he claimed there are some people on the left who want to bring the country down.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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