Congressional Shooting

Nebraska Democratic Party Official Caught on Tape: I’m Glad Scalise Got Shot

Bono to DC-Area Concert Goers: “Grateful’ Scalise and Other Victims ‘Made It Through’ Shooting

Democratic Strategist Launches #HuntRepublicans After Congressional GOP Shooting

Kellyanne Conway: ‘If I Were Shot and Killed Tomorrow Half of Twitter Would Explode in Applause’

‘We Were Just Trying to Stay Alive’: Aide Zach Barth Recounts Congressional Shooting

Joe Walsh Tweets ‘Grab Your Musket’ Following Steve Scalise Shooting

Trump Says Scalise ‘In Some Trouble’, But Will ‘Be OK, We Hope’

Incitement to Political Violence Started with Trump…and Can End With Him

Why the Hell Did the New York Times Lie About the Gabby Giffords Murders?

The SKS Rifle, Reportedly Used in Virginia Mass Shooting, Is Not An ‘AK Variant’

Tucker Carlson: ‘Hard Left’ Supports Political Violence Because It Will Destroy ‘Country They Despise’

Twitter Rips Mike Huckabee Over Fawning Praise of Trump for Visiting Scalise in Hospital ‘On His Own Birthday’

Rachel Maddow Reacts to News That Alexandria Shooter Was a Fan of Hers

Trump Calls Steve Scalise a ‘Real Fighter’ After Visiting Hospital

GOP Congressman Injured During Mass Shooting: ‘We Must Play This Baseball Game Tomorrow’

GOP Congresswoman Gets Threatening E-Mail After Shooting: ‘One Down, 216 To Go’

Video: Dramatic Footage of Gunfight Between Police and Congressional Shooter Released

GOP Rep. Suggests Lawmakers Should Be Able to Carry Guns After Shooting

A Year Ago, Rand Paul’s Account Tweeted That 2nd Amendment Exists ‘To Shoot at the Government’ (UPDATE)

Congressional Shooter Has a ‘History of Violence’ Including Beating His Wife

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