Tucker Carlson Mocks Chris Cuomo For Pushing ‘Dangerous’ Gender Stereotypes: ‘Wake Up, Grandpa!’


Before wrapping up his show Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson accused CNN anchor Chris Cuomo of “gender stereotyping.”

Yesterday, Cuomo mocked President Trump for the way he drank his water during a speech, calling it a “sippy cup grip” because he used two hands.

““I don’t know what it’s all about. This is what I drink out of and I hold it like a man, with one hand. That’s me,” Cuomo said. “I don’t think that’s a judgment.”

Well, Carlson took issue with those remarks.

In a kidding-but-not-kidding sort of rant, the Fox News host admitted that he “loved” promoting his cable news rival on his show in the past… until he started pushing “the most dangerous possible gender stereotypes.”

“‘Like a man?’ Really?!?” Carlson said — quoting Cuomo’s criticism of Trump. “You’d think we’d be past comments like that, that maybe we had evolved a little bit.”

Carlson went on to say at a time when the country is “trying to be sensitive and inclusive,” Cuomo was guilty of “binary gender-normative assumptions.”

“Wake up, grandpa!” Carlson told Cuomo “It’s 2017! You’d think of all networks, CNN would be a safe space where hate like this wouldn’t be tolerated. But no, apparently it’s like the middle ages over there where people still hold cups, quote, ‘like a man.'”

Carlson added that he was “more than a little disappointed” in Cuomo, but instead of “switching to MSNBC,” he hopes that the CNN anchor can “grow from this.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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