Twitter Blows Up Over Sketch of Man Who Allegedly Threatened Stormy: ‘Tom Brady?’


Stormy Daniels took to The View Tuesday to reiterate her claim that she had an affair with President Donald Trump, and to show – for the very first time – the sketch done by veteran forensic artist Lois Gibson of the man who allegedly threatened Daniels over a story that ran in In Touch.

Twitter exploded with reactions to the revelation. The prevailing thought was that the picture looked a heck of a lot like New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady who is, incidentally, a friend of Trump’s:

Others saw more of a resemblance to The Florida Project actor Willem Dafoe:

A few other fairly astute guesses were also put into play:

And still others – as Twitter is wont to do – just memed:

But we have to give the Unofficial Mediaite Internet Winner Award on this one to The Daily Beast‘s Justin Miller, who rightly observed that the sketch bore a striking resemblance to the Matt Damon puppet from Team America: World Police:

[image via screengrab]

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