Twitter Reacts to News 336 Million Passwords May Be Exposed: ‘Congrats to Russia or Whatever’


Twitter users reacted with varying degrees of both shock and apathy after the social media platform revealed on Thursday it had discovered a “bug that stored passwords unmasked in an internal log.”

Twitter’s support team tweeted a message to users indicating it had “fixed the bug” and had “no indication of a breach or misuse by anyone.” But that reassurance was lost on the masses who believe digital privacy is already a thing of the past.

Several users replied to Twitter’s support handle demanding to know whether the logs would be destroyed, and requested further information about how long the document existed and how many users it impacted.

Others appeared to be somewhat less concerned.

“Guys, all of our twitters have been hacked a long time ago,” Twitter user Stephen Miller wrote. “Your DMs, your information, everything. You just don’t know it yet.”

Meanwhile, FreeBeacon reporter Alex Grisworld noted the obvious hypocrisy in the platform keeping an internal log with unmasked passwords to its more public security measures, writing, “Did you know that if you tweet out your password, Twitter censors it?”

The reactions paint a picture of an ongoing crisis surrounding cyber security: despite being made aware of new breaches and major flaws in popular social media platforms seemingly every week, a decent chunk of society appears to have become numb to the constant invasions of privacy. 

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