Ukrainian Troops Seize Control of Airfield Held by Separatists

On Tuesday, Ukraine launched an offensive against several separatist movements in eastern Ukraine that have sought to declare independence from the country, movements Ukraine and the United States believe to be Moscow controlled. On Tuesday afternoon, Ukrainian troops seized the Kramatorsk military airfield in Donetsk Oblast, and reportedly detained a number of Russian troops.

“The mayor of Kramatorsk said Ukrainian troops have now occupied the military airport and are blocking its entrance,” the AP reported Tuesday.

The Kyiv Post reported that four people had been killed in the fighting, though it was unclear who they were or for what side they were fighting, and that a large contingent of Russian troops were being detained. That would mark the biggest outbreak of violence since the standoff between Russia and Ukraine began almost a month ago, when Russian troops invaded and eventually annexed Crimea.

Separatist movements have popped up in several cities in recent days, some fear as a prelude to Russian incursion into Eastern Ukraine.

[h/t Kyiv Post]

[Image via Yannis Behrakis/Reuters]

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