Wallace to Lewandowski: How Does Trump’s Anti-Media Tweeting Advance the Country?

Chris Wallace had Corey Lewandowski on Fox News Sunday today, and asked the former Trump campaign manager why the president goes out of his way to criticize the media instead of devoting that time to more productive matters.

Wallace noted that President Trump and his administration have increased the intensity of their feud with the press in recent days, and he asked Lewandowski if that ever gets in the way of their plans for improving the country. Lewandowski argued that Trump is reacting to the unfair “false narrative” of the political media, though Wallace kept on the subject by asking why Trump can’t just “pursue his agenda.”

“How many jobs does that create,” Wallace asked, referring to a tweet where Trump called the “FAKE NEWS” media a “great danger to our country.”

Lewandowski asserted that Trump has already done plenty of things to kick-start national business and economics, yet the media refuses to report on that, so Trump has fight back in order to make sure the “real story” gets out.

Watch above, via Fox.

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