Walmart’s PR Chief Steps Down for Lying About College Degree

A Walmart communications vice president, widely considered to be the PR face of the corporation, has been forced to step down after a background check revealed that he did not graduate from college.

David Tovar, who vigorously defended Walmart against its critics and famously pushed back against journalists in the midst of accusations that the company had bribed foreign officials, told people that he had attended the University of Delaware for four years, but admitted that he was actually a few credits short of receiving the actual degree in art.

“It’s my mistake. I own it,” Tovar told the New York Times. “I definitely didn’t disclose that I didn’t have a degree, and there were times where it was probably an error of omission.”

Ironically, Tovar, an eight-year veteran of Walmart, was in the process of receiving a promotion when his lack of a degree came up in a “rigorous” background check. “I suppose the irony here is that I was about to be promoted and now a couple weeks later I’m going to be leaving the company,” he said, adding that he would return to school and finish his degree, and hopefully resume his career.

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