Wanda Sykes Eviscerates NBC For Fried Chicken Black History Special

Kidding about the whole “eviscerates” thing, Jon Stewart.

Last night on The Jay Leno Show, comedian and FOX late night host Wanda Sykes showed she reads the internet (and Jay Leno doesn’t), as she took the time to call out NBC for the fried chicken “Black History Month” menu choice that bubbled up just a few hours before taping.

When Sykes brought it up, and showed the Twitpic, Leno asked, “Is that real?” while Kevin Eubanks laughed hysterically (although it wasn’t clear if he knew about it or was just laughing at her jokes). For what it’s worth, the menu was at NBC’s New York HQ, not LA.

More from Sykes:

That is real, Jay. Did you get any of that? Black History Month. NBC, that’s how they celebrate. Oh no, ya’ll don’t need to know about Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas, here’s some fried chicken. Here ya go. All I’m saying, I’m scared to know what they’re having for dessert. I hope they at least took it off the rind. Watermelon, who knows.

And in a general comment that made it feel like about three weeks ago, Sykes summed it up: “Is the whole damn network on medical marijuana, what the hell is going on over here?”

Since we broke the story yesterday, some have argued that, despite NBC’s response, we (and others) were making far too much of it. But as Sykes showed – it’s definitely not ignorable.

Check it out:

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