WaPo Columnist, NBC Senior Vice President Duke It Out Over Why Network Held On to Trump Audio


nbcMedia Columnist Margaret Sullivan and NBC Universal’s Mark Kornblau had a contentious Twitter exchange on Friday, due to questions that remain from Donald Trump‘s infamous 2005 appearance on Access Hollywood

As Trump fends off backlash over his sexually aggressive remarks, some have wondered whether NBC higher-ups were aware that they had this old video, and if they did, why didn’t they release it earlier in the election season. Sullivan wrote about this on Thursday for Washington Post, noting how the newspaper broke the story before NBC did, even though the network supposedly wanted to address legal matters before putting it out themselves.

Sullivan spoke with Kornblau, NBC’s Senior Vice President, to get some answers, though she later argued that things didn’t add up regarding the decision to hold onto the tape for so long. After releasing her column, Sullivan vented her thoughts on Twitter:

Kornblau noticed this, and he had some problems with Sullivan’s remark:

From there, the two expressed opposing thoughts over how the discussion went:

They did make nice towards the end though.

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