WATCH: Angry Skateboarder Smashes Windshield of $250K Car for Running Stop Sign

An angry skateboarder took revenge on a careless motorist by smashing the windshield of his luxury sports car.

In the video below, posted by YouTube user Paul Gonzo, the car is shown running the stop sign and forced to hit the brakes quickly, with the skateboarder in the crosswalk. Though the car is mostly out of view, a loud crash is heard and witnesses gasp, and it is apparent that the skateboarder has smashed the windshield.

Then the sk8er boi said see you later boy and fled the scene, as someone darts out of the passenger seat in hot pursuit. The video then shows the destroyed windshield up close, as the driver is seen momentarily dazed, before he reaches across to close the McLaren’s passenger side door, and then speeds away.

No word on whether the driver or the passenger were able to track the skateboarder down.

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