Fox & Friends Guest Silences Hosts By Refusing to Call Roseanne’s Tweet Racist

Conservative commentator Kurt Schlichter may have missed the memo on Roseanne Barr‘s “ape” tweet being incredibly racist.

On Fox & Friends Tuesday, Schlichter argued that people had a problem with Roseanne values-wise before she tweeted what she tweeted.

“It wasn’t about the values though, Kurt, she tweeted something racist,” Abby Huntsman explained.

What followed was television’s most awkward silence. Then, glancing to his right and collecting himself to say what the couch probably hoped were the words, “You’re right, Roseanne’s tweet was racist,” Schlichter instead said this:

“Well, what she tweeted was tacky, and I don’t know anybody who agrees with it.”

Scratch what I said before about television’s most awkward silence. Because the silence after this comment put that silence to shame for awkwardness level.

After five seconds of true agony, Steve Doocy cut in and said: “And that’s why ABC did what they did.”

Nothing like a little white lie to your guest to make it seem like you didn’t just bring on a guy who seems to legitimately not understand what racism is.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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