WATCH: Saudi Arabian King’s Golden Escalator Gets Stuck As He Emerges From Royal Airplane

There is very little that I know about the clip above, but frankly, I can’t be bothered to look into the details.  I’m honestly just confused by the clip as it begs a lot of questions.

First of all, King Salman of Saudi Arabian has a gilded escalator for easy entry and exit to his royal airplane? Huh. Is that a standard Royal accessory for super wealthy Middle Eastern Kings and Emiratis? I guess if you have a relatively endless supply of money, a golden escalator sort of makes sense.

But in the haste of gilding the moving stairs that help the King with easy entrance and egress from his royal airplane, did the King’s minions overlook the production quality of these stairs?  Because that’s sure what it seems like when, during a recent visit to Moscow, the golden escalator stopped working, and poor King Salman was forced to use his own strength to descend, an event that was captured on video for all to see. (The horror!)

Most importantly, does this viral video rise to the level of royal embarrassment that means every minion that is responsible for the gilded escalator will now be held to account? Does a “heads will roll” joke suddenly have different meaning when dealing with an embarrassed King of Saudi Arabia? Does my posting of this video — and ostensibly bringing more attention to this awkward moment — have an effect on the King’s Royal “Escalator Guy” who (if you are reading this post now) might want to go into hiding for fear of…you know…beheading? Boy I hope not. That would be awful.

Lots of questions. I hope everyone has a good laugh about that this incident, especially the King. No one should die because of a malfunctioning escalator, gold or other.

H/T Anna Massoglia.


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